growing pains

by storyteller

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Tischwürze Can't really name a favourite song, love the spoken word influence!
Kat Sullivan
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Kat Sullivan Spoken word infused screamo/post-hardcore. FFO: Listener, La Dispute, Touche Amore Favorite track: never was.
My Dad, The Tanner
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My Dad, The Tanner Ktown Melodic Hardcore | Good Vibes Favorite track: dead sleep.
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released February 4, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adam Cichocki @ Timber Studios
Artwork by Adam Cichocki



all rights reserved


storyteller Kitchener, Ontario

passion - frustration - love

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Track Name: never was
and I will sleep like the dead but until that time I am so restless like that wolf from his pack the stray on his own, with no statement to say why I am so alone, or for that fact why I am so withdrawn from this pack I had relied on, and I find myself with this twist, and I can't explain myself or find the words to make you feel this alone and you can run just like that stranger you were meant to be and feel as isolated as me.
Track Name: never will be
although the loneliness I feel I will embed and become that son loaded with sin, but I only seek control, but that which is found through fear to intimidate all that which you hide and hold away so dear, and even though so much time has been spent just scouring these intentions, the bottom line is that no one can trust a fool when their heart has been so bent so now just recede, recede like the line of the shore, so recede just recede, you're a coward a wash up just become something, something more, you know what you have, and what you've held left, when you look back from here, will there be anything? This life it takes time and in exchange for yours I offer you mine, pace slow, define the comforts that you hold, pace slow to find, the secrets in your mind
Track Name: scars
Collecting on what I've learned this far, human nature is filled with lust and greed, bare the scars, I've been born but this mentality remains unshook to that fact, I don't know a lot of "why" I do, whats been done still lingers in the past, I just try not to fall through on hopes and dreams, it's always like I'm tearing at my seams to find that grasp on anything, just for that thing that I can hold onto, because I feel that if I stay here, I sit and I stir, this progression will be one that I will always long, and I won't be the one, I won't be the one, to live with "what if" anymore, I won't live with what if anymore, no not anymore, I won't live with what if anymore, no not anymore, it's no longer like the fear of flying, if death has it's place I don't mind dying, it's no longer like the fear of flying, if death has it's place I don't mind
Track Name: dead sleep
Sometimes I wish I were deceased, collecting flowers every week, for admirations I desperately seek, maybe even celebrated, lately I've just been jaded, like I've lost myself a soul segregation, and sometimes the words I speak mean nothing, I can only speak for myself, with no concern for wealth, in these short years that I've lived, just now I've learned to persist in the struggle of existence, in these short years that I've lived I've realized the purpose, that you'll never know
Track Name: heavy hearts (ft. osacar bamaca)
One day, I hope my insides will crumble or pass away, to leave me as empty as I felt on that day, I kissed the bottle while you were away, I stood dripping in this rain and I'm cold, soaked to the bone, left to the longest walks home all alone, alone, no matter how tall I could stand you'd always bring me down to my knees, these shades have left nothing to say, so I'm just left to scream these words day after day,
when envy builds chests get weak, and some nights it's harder to sleep,
I hope, I hope that you fade away,
I hope, I hope that you fade away,
I hope, I hope that you fade away,
I hope, I hope that you fade away,
fade away
Track Name: fool's gold (ft. mackenzie colvin)
This story is so predictable, and in the end we all die unless you change, so travel far behind infatuation and feel your neck unwind, we search for comforts in life most of which we don't find, so equip, overcome the fear that you have,
you have to be sly to outwit a fox, but fools get lucky everyday, and this progression, it screams, has taken over the seams, and pulled the gaps away, what starts soon will end, full circle my friend, in life will you break or bend
Track Name: stand up, stand tall
So just fill my head with the beauty of things I feel this hate embed, I've strung along this bitch called hope for far too long a time and I don't think they realize, we're not one in the same 'cause I look at the world with same anger in my heart day after day, so speak up and sing loud you outcast kin, so speak up and sing loud you outcast kin, cause we've been searching just for so long to find that brother in, in a place that maybe, maybe we could call our home instead of making, making these four walls our tomb and resenting every minute that we've spent in this room, and these regrets are memories made, and even though that all of this pain it's never as easy as the plan itself was to write we've played these games before but now our pieces have fallen all out of sight, so we'll collect and we'll pull together in our strongest coat of arms, choosing these words that we speak so specifically but only in the hopes to disarm, and even though I'm up that I'm up here and I can see you screaming from below our voices will find each other they'll unite and they'll overwhelm all of these gallows,
and even though I'm here and you're screaming from below, our voices will unite to overwhelm these gallows
and even though I'm here and you're screaming from below, our voices will unite to overwhelm these gallows
Track Name: passive progression
Most times it feels I could write a song each and every night, but I'd never get any of the endings right keeping meanings so buried tight as if my casket had been sealed out of sight, and although I can't quite see the other side there may be some safety behind, another way that I could sleep at night, or maybe just a waste of some time, because I feel this slow decay building up and I've realized our timing has never been better than now to show what we've worked so hard to deserve, because we speak for those who listen and we're prepared to be heard,
these shadows can't hold onto silence anymore, anymore