never will be

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although the loneliness I feel I will embed and become that son loaded with sin, but I only seek control, but that which is found through fear to intimidate all that which you hide and hold away so dear, and even though so much time has been spent just scouring these intentions, the bottom line is that no one can trust a fool when their heart has been so bent so now just recede, recede like the line of the shore, so recede just recede, you're a coward a wash up just become something, something more, you know what you have, and what you've held left, when you look back from here, will there be anything? This life it takes time and in exchange for yours I offer you mine, pace slow, define the comforts that you hold, pace slow to find, the secrets in your mind


from growing pains, released February 4, 2014



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storyteller Kitchener, Ontario

passion - frustration - love

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